The benefits of having professional carpet cleaning services go beyond simply saving you money. 

From stubborn dirt to germs and allergy-inducing pollutants, a carpet needs to be cleaned regularly to keep allergies at bay and to keep the fabric healthy and bug-free. But while carpet cleaning using vacuuming can make the carpet look and smell clean, having the carpet regularly cleaned by a professional cleaning company is the best way to keep the carpet not only clean but also hygienic and healthy. While vacuuming will help to keep the carpet in a good condition in the home, carpets in a busy public place such as a doctor’s waiting room, need more than vacuuming to keep them in a healthy condition.

Professional carpet cleaning will give your carpet a longer life

Professional carpet cleaning will give your carpet a longer life

The carpet facts you would rather not know

Carpets are a favourite place for germs. When carpets are not regularly cleaned they become the home of all types of bacteria that can be harmful to your health and the health of those who walk on it. This becomes a big issue when the carpet is in a public place. Dust mites, mould bacteria and even salmonella easily hide in a carpet that is not being cleaned often. Dust mites can wreak havoc in the lives of those who suffer from allergies.

Dirty carpets are also likely to give the house or business an unpleasant odour and a dirty carpet is also likely to lessen the lifespan of the carpet. But with regular professional carpet cleaning including carpet steaming, your carpet will be kept in top condition.

The two professional carpet cleaning methods

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is the first way in which your carpet can be professionally cleaned. Steam cleaning makes use of detergents and the surface of the carpet is saturated. It can take up to 24 hours for the carpet to dry once it has been cleaned. As the water and chemicals are applied to the carpet, the machine sucks the water and chemicals back up. This will aid the drying time. This method of cleaning can be environmentally friendly as it soaks up the detergents instead of allowing them to sink into the ground.

Carpet cleaning in Krugersdorp and other places in Gauteng, also make use of dry cleaning methods to give a carpet a professional clean. Dry carpet cleaning does not make use of litres and litres of water, this saves the environment from unnecessary waste of water. Dry carpet cleaning will successfully remove the stains, dirt and smells from the carpet.

Both of these techniques can be easily used in big businesses that have plenty of carpets to clean or it can be applied to small businesses and homes. The professionally cleaning of carpets is very necessary to keep the carpets in a healthy condition and to keep them looking and smelling good.

Expert carpet cleaning is available for homes and businesses

Expert carpet cleaning is available for homes and businesses

The benefits of having a professional carpet cleaning company

  • Save time

By employing the services of a professional carpet cleaning company, you will be saving time. By not having to do the cleaning yourself you will not have to set aside time to do it, and if you are a company you will save time by not having to get your cleaning staff to waste their precious time doing it. Another reason for getting a professional team in is because you will possibly hurt your back trying to get the carpet clean. With their professional equipment, they will be able to easily do the job. Having a professional carpet cleaning company come in and do the job for you will save you money as well. They are able to get the job done quickly and efficiently, something that you might not be able to do so easily.

  • Cleaner carpets

No matter what wonderful cleaning detergent you have and no matter what wonderful cleaning equipment you have, you won’t be able to clean your carpet as well as the team of professional cleaners will be able to do it. With industrial sucking power and the combination of using steam and detergent to get the carpet clean, having the carpet cleaned in this way will make sure that every inch of the carpet is cleaned.

  • Give your carpet a longer life

By having professional carpet cleaners regularly clean your carpet you will be guaranteeing that your carpet will have a longer life.  The grit and other materials that get into the fabric of the carpet are going to rub against one another whenever you walk over the carpet and this will cause the fabrics to eventually wear thin, looking untidy and tacky. There are few ways to restore a carpet that is in this condition and so it is best to rather prevent this from happening by ensuring that your carpet is always kept clean and that it occasionally receives an industrial clean so that you don’t end up having to replace it later on.

Your carpet should be professionally cleaned every few months

Your carpet should be professionally cleaned every few months

Carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, window cleaning and other cleaning services in Fourways and Krugersdorp are just some of the professional services provided by Country Wide Cleaning Services. You don’t have to stress about cleaning anymore when you hire professional cleaning services for your home or business.