The methods that we use to clean are usually the same methods that have been passed down through the generations. Maybe you will learn about a new way to keep your home clean or to tackle that tough surface and the method which you use to clean will change, but the majority of us are stuck in our ways. While this is not an altogether bad thing, as the methods we use have done the job up until now, the way we clean might be leaving some little gremlins lurking in out of sight places.  Cleaning services in Fourways have lots of experience in producing great cleaning results.

Fourways cleaning services know which items in your home need more cleaning attention than others. Here is our list of the 8 things that you have been cleaning wrong all this time:

  1. The cutting board

The cutting board is used for many things, you use it to slice your bread, your vegetables and sometimes even your meat. But a simple soapy wash is not going to be enough to keep the cutting board 100% clean and germ-free. Food can get stuck in the cuts and scratches left behind by the knives and a simple rinse will not help. But you should never underestimate the power of lemon juice. Lemon juice is slightly acidic and it can work as an anti-bacterial.

  1. Baking trays

The baking tray is one of the most neglected pieces of kitchenware that you will own. And usually the dish wash soap that you are cleaning it with is not going to be strong enough to remove the marks left behind by the baked goods and by the baking spray. The solution to removing this grime is to mix ¼ cup of baking soda with a bit of hydrogen peroxide. Once this has been worked into a paste you can rub it generously over the baking pans and then leave them for a few hours before rinsing them off.

With these cleaning tips from cleaning services in Fourways your trays will sparkle

With these cleaning tips from cleaning services in Fourways your trays will sparkle

Your trays will look good as new!

  1. The shower head

Because of the minerals and chemicals found in water, as well as due to the continuous moisture that the shower head is exposed to, the shower head is the one place in your bathroom that needs some extra TLC. Cleaning services in Fourways will pay extra attention to the shower head when giving your home or business the once over but here is what you can do to get the shower sparkling. Place white vinegar into a plastic bag and then secure the bag around the shower head, ensuring that the head is dipped into the vinegar. Once it has been given an hour long soak you can remove the bag and rinse the shower head.

  1. Your mattress

We’ve all heard the horror stories of what can lurk in a dirty mattress and yet how many of us can be sure that we are cleaning it the right way? What you should do when giving your mattress a clean is to first give the entire surface a good vacuum to get rid of any particles or loose dirt. Then place baking soda over the mattress. This will absorb any smells that might be lingering. Here is a disgusting thought, did you know that the average person will sweat around 600ml of sweat each night while sleeping? After around 30 minutes of the baking soda resting on the mattress, you can vacuum the powder away!

  1. The grater
Graters can easily be neglected when they washed incorrectly

Graters can easily be neglected when they washed incorrectly

This little kitchen appliance is used for many things including the grating of cheese and various vegetables. And if you own one of these then you will know how much of a pain it can be to give it a clean. Running your sponge the wrong way can result in sore fingers and a damaged sponge but not cleaning it properly can result in contaminated food. After using the grater to grate cheese or something else, grate a potato. The acid in the potato will give the grater a clean that it has never experienced before. Any leftover food in the grater should now be gone.

  1. The microwave

It is possibly the homes most loved appliance. Its versatility is always welcome and it can whip up meals in an instant. But the microwave has a dark side, it can be difficult to clean. Plenty of scrubbing is needed to get rid of the messed food, do you find yourself spending more time than you would like on the cleaning of the microwave? If so try this easier option. Fill a microwavable bowl with water and vinegar and place it in the microwave for around two minutes. Once that Bing goes off all you will have to do is give the microwave a wipe down.

  1. The coffee pot
If you use our cleaning tips your coffee pot will never be dirty

If you use our cleaning tips your coffee pot will never be dirty

It is your morning wake up beverage but the pot it is brewed in is sometimes neglected when it comes to cleaning. What you need to do is fill the pot half with water and half with vinegar, and then let it run through half a brewing cycle before letting it sit for an hour before completing the cycle. At this point, you can fill the pot up with fresh water before running the cycle again. Run cycles until you have gotten rid of the vinegar smell. This is a great option for your office coffee pot that does plenty of work, Fourways cleaning services will probably give this pot a good clean when they clean your office.

  1. The blinds

Both the home and the office have blinds. Cleaning services in Fourways know how tricky the blinds can be to clean and we all know that simply vacuuming them is not enough to get rid of the dirt. Vinegar has certainly been the saviour of this list of tricks, and again to get those blinds shining you will need to bring out the vinegar. Dip an old sock into vinegar and water. Now all you have to do is wipe down each blind on its own and then dry the blinds. Simple but so effective that you will love the result.

Cleaning services in Fourways can take care of all of your home or business cleaning needs. Country Wide Cleaning Services can provide you with the best solutions for your home and garden. Our cleaning professionals can simplify your life.