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From carpets to windows, and even your premises, we professionally clean all year round.
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Window Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Office Cleaning We Can Do It All!

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Deep suction – getting rid of pet odours, fabric parasites and stubborn dirt.

High-Reach Window Cleaning

window cleaning

Eco friendly: 100% clean purified water used. Cleaner windows – no spots or streaking.

Commercial & Domestic

Office Cleaning

Homes, offices, shops, factories and malls – we clean it all!

Pre & Post Occupational Cleaning

Commercial cleaning

Total spring cleaning service, whether you are moving in or moving out. We promise to do a thorough job!

Flood and Disaster Restoration Service

Disaster Restoration Cleaning

Country Wide Cleaning responds quickly to flood and disaster cleaning requirements to ensure damage is minimized and normal service can be resumed.

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Carpet cleaning in Krugersdorp and upholstery cleaning in Krugersdorp

Carpets and upholstery can get very dirty and sometimes just cleaning with the average vacuum cleaner is not enough to get all of the dirt out, usually some dirt will be left behind. Bugs and other parasites can easily make themselves at home in your carpets and upholstery and odours from pets can settle in your fabrics causing them to stink out the whole house. At Country Wide Cleaning Services we offer effective cleaning services for your carpets and upholstery to remove dirty stubborn marks, odours that will not budge and parasites that have made themselves at home in your carpets and other upholstery. We specialise in cleaning a number of different carpet types and upholstery types and we clean with care to ensure that your carpets and upholstery stay in top shape and keep their high quality standards.
With deep suction cleaning we are able to get rid of even the toughest stains and smells. This service is ideal for the public service industry that has many people walking on the carpet or sitting on the chairs such as a doctor’s waiting room. The carpet cleaning in Fourways and upholstery cleaning in Fourways is also ideal for home use and for use in the hospitality industry. Such cleaning can be done as often as needed or it can be done according to your unique needs. You don’t need to replace your carpet or upholstery just because you think that it has been ruined by a bad stain or pet odours that you think have become a part of your furniture, Country Wide Cleaning Services can make your upholstery and carpets look brand new.

High reach window cleaning in Krugersdorp and Fourways

Windows on tall buildings are difficult to reach and they are even more difficult to give a proper clean. In order to give these types of windows a proper clean, skilled people with the right equipment need to be employed to carry out the job. Country Wide Cleaning Services specialises in high reach window cleaning in Krugersdorp and we use only the most experienced and skilled staff as well as only the best equipment. At Country Wide Cleaning Services we use purified water to clean the windows rather than chemical products. This means that the windows will be able to dry without assistance, leaving them looking sparkling and clean without the spots or streaks that are usually associated with the use of cleaning products made specifically for the purpose of cleaning the windows. When chemicals are used to clean windows there is the possibility of the chemicals falling onto the plant life below and causing damage to the environment.
The task of high reach window cleaning in Fourways should be completed by an experienced staff who have the necessary skills to complete the job safely. High rise window cleaning has been all but replaced by high reach window cleaning. The staff at Country Wide Cleaning Services are not only experienced professionals in their field but the team is supervised by an experienced and knowledgeable supervisor to ensure that the job is completed properly and safely every time. We take great pride in our high reach window cleaning in Krugersdorp and our high reach window cleaning in Fourways, and we ensure that each of our clients have a proper cleaning service that leaves them satisfied. When we are cleaning we complete the job with a minimum amount of disruption to your daily routine, allowing you to continue working effectively on your work without ever having to worry about your window cleaning in Krugersdorp or your window cleaning in Fourways.

Commercial and Domestic Cleaning Services in Fourways and Krugersdorp

Finding time to give your home or office a thorough clean is difficult in this busy modern living. Having to pay someone to clean your house once a week is also not easy to have as not everyone has the money to pay someone to come out once a week to clean the house. Having a professional cleaning service come out to clean is a good choice as they will be experts in doing a complete cleaning job while at the same time making sure that all of your cleaning needs are met each and every time. Having a high quality clean once a month could be more suitable to your needs than having someone come by once a week.
Country Wide Cleaning Services focuses its cleaning services on commercial industries as well as domestic settings. From industrial carpet cleaning in Krugersdorp to the cleaning of your curtains, we specialise in keeping your environment clean. Our customers are guaranteed to be happy when they receive cleaning services from our company. Our experienced and professional staff are accompanied by a cleaning specialist supervisor to ensure that no area is left untidy. Whether you are looking for a cleaning company that is going to provide you with superior cleaning services on a regular basis or if you are looking for a company that is going to provide you with spring cleaning services, Country Wide Cleaning Services has a variety of cleaning service options for you to choose from. We specialise in cleaning homes, offices, shops, factories and even shopping malls.

Pre and Post Occupational Cleaning in Fourways

At Country Wide Cleaning Services we offer our clients the service of pre and post occupational cleaning. When you are going to move into a house for the first time you want to move into a space that has been given a deep clean that has reached every corner. When you completely clean your new living space it will be as good as moving into a home that has never been lived in before. This service can be used by a landlord wanting to prepare a home for a new occupant or it can be used by a tenant who is moving into a new space and wants the home to be given a proper clean. Those who are moving into a new office can also hire a team of expert cleaners to give the office a once over before they move in.
Post occupational cleaning allows people to clean up a home or an office after they have moved out of the house to give the new tenants a clean start. Tenants and landlords of both homes and business properties will often make use of this service in order to give the place a complete clean. This type of cleaning service is usually a once off service, think of it as spring cleaning as you have never seen it before. Experts in the cleaning industry are able to apply their quality skills to any area and focus on giving every surface, regardless of what the surface is made of, a deep and complete clean.

Flood and Disaster Restoration Service

Disasters such as flooding can happen unexpectedly and what is worse is the incredible amount of destruction and mess that they leave in their wake. Some disasters can be very difficult to clean on your own and occasionally cleaning up after a disaster can be dangerous. This is where the assistance of a professional cleaning service in Krugersdorp and other areas will come in handy.
With the right equipment and the right people Country Wide Cleaning Service can tackle your disaster area and have it completely cleaned and restored enabling you to move back in. This service is available for homes and businesses. Flood and Disaster Restoration Services are also available to assist insurance agents in the restoration of homes and businesses. The less damage there is, the less money they will have to pay out for insurance and the less time you will have to spend away from your home or business. Flooding is not the only disaster that we can handle. At Country Wide Cleaning Services, we also clean the damage caused by fire and other disasters.

Carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning

Carpet cleaning in Krugersdorp and carpet cleaning in Fourways
The carpets within a home or a business are going to take a lot of punishment. Along with people walking over them again and again, your carpet might be subject to pets walking on it and children playing on it. Often a carpet is going to be stained, made dirty or be covered in sand and other grime that needs more than the conventional cleaning in order to get it looking new again. Carpet cleaning in Krugersdorp and carpet cleaning in Fourways has always been a popular cleaning method that has been used in homes and businesses to keep the carpet clean as well as to give the room in which the carpet is located clean a clean and refreshing smell. While vacuuming can keep your carpet looking fresh and clean, all carpets can use the occasional shampoo wash or dry clean.
The carpet cleaning needs for a household will be very different to the carpet cleaning needs for a business. Within the home, carpet cleaning in Noordheuwel, Krugersdorp and carpet cleaning in Fourways can be done using conventional means. Simple vacuuming will keep the carpet in a good condition but at least twice a year you might want to consider giving your carpet a proper, industrial cleaning. Country Wide Cleaning Services is available to give your home carpets the clean that they need, and with our best practices and keen eye and attention to cleaning, we will ensure that your carpet is left looking brand new. Our industrial cleaning machines are suitable for use on home carpets. The removal of stains, dirt and pet hair can be difficult to do if you have only got a regular vacuum cleaner.
Many businesses choose to have carpeting instead of tiles and with a constant influx of people it is easy for your carpets to become darkened with dirt and to become the home of all kinds of germs. By using professional carpet cleaning in Noordheuwel, Krugersdorp or carpet cleaning in Fourways your business’ carpets will soon be looking stunning. Upholstery cleaning in Fourways and upholstery cleaning in Krugersdorp will focus on the removal of stains, dirt and pet hairs as well. Why not give your home or business a thorough cleaning treatment by opting for upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning?
The machines use only pure water and environmentally friendly cleaning products to ensure that your carpets and upholstery are not damaged in any way. Depending on the weather it can take around 3 to 4 hours for the carpets and upholstery to dry. The machines are designed to suck up as much of the detergents and water as possible leaving the carpets and upholstery completely clean. Industrial fans can be used to dry the carpets on those days when the weather is not favourable for the drying of the heavy fabrics that make up the carpet and upholstery. The condition that the carpets or upholstery are in will determine how many cleans will be needed; sometimes 3 to 4 cleans will be needed to get them looking new again.
Country Wide Cleaning Services is the preferred cleaning service for carpet cleaning in Noordheuwel, Krugersdorp and upholstery cleaning in Fourways for many and if you need our services, why not contact us today?

High reach window cleaning in Fourways

Window cleaning in Fourways and window cleaning in Krugersdorp is a necessary cleaning task for many businesses. High reach window cleaning in Fourways and Krugersdorp are the ideal way in which to clean windows on buildings with windows that are out of reach.
In the past scaffold window cleaning was the way in which most windows were cleaned and although this method is still used when the windows are too high up out of reach, high reach window cleaning is suitable for windows that are up to 3 stories high. These windows are cleaned using light weight water poles that supply water up through a pipe eliminating the use of ladders or scaffolding and increasing the safety aspect of cleaning windows that are out of the way. By not using ladders or scaffolding, there is little to no chance of scratches being left on the building.
Using reverse osmosis treatment, only pure water is used to clean the windows. Reverse osmosis will remove the bacteria that might be present in the water as well as any large particles. This will ensure that the water used for high reach window cleaning in Fourways and high reach window cleaning in Noordheuwel, Krugersdorp is pure. Not one type of chemical detergent will be used in the cleaning of your windows. The windows will dry off on their own and this is one of the reasons why the use of only pure water is so important. When chemicals are used to clean windows they will usually attract dirt and dust that is in the air. When this sticks to the window it leaves the window looking dirtier than it did before the cleaning. The use of chemicals when cleaning windows will also increase the possibility of streaks and spots being left behind once the window dries. And as only pure water is used to clean the windows, there is no chance of the minerals that can be found in chemically treated water building up on the window.
High reach window cleaning in Fourways and window cleaning in Noordheuwel, Krugersdorp is an affordable and safe way in which to clean windows on both business buildings and homes. If you have a double story home you might want to consider this option as the preferred method to use when cleaning your windows. This method can be easily applied to homes that have high, out of reach windows. Our window cleaners are experts and with years of experience they are able to give your windows the perfect clean. To ensure everyone’s safety, we have our team of window cleaning professionals supervised, guaranteeing that you are left satisfied with the job done. Client satisfaction is highly important to us and we work closely with the client to ensure that they are happy with the service that we give.
Allow Country Wide Cleaning Services to be your window cleaners of choice for your high reach window cleaning in Fourways and high reach window cleaning in Krugersdorp. We also provide high quality commercial cleaning in Krugersdorp. Contact us to find out more about the other cleaning services we have to offer.

Commercial cleaning in Fourways, commercial cleaning in Krugersdorp

All businesses and other institutions that offer services to the public such as malls, need to be cleaned. With the constant movement of people in and out of malls, offices and factories as well as in and out of shops, constant cleaning is a necessity. Dirty shops and businesses are not only bad for business but that are also bad for the health of those who are working within the space. Commercial cleaning in Fourways and commercial cleaning in Krugersdorp ideally needs to be done by a team of professionals who have the experience and the knowledge to clean every area correctly.
Country Wide Cleaning Services offers commercial cleaning in Fourways and commercial cleaning in Krugersdorp on a yearly contractual basis and we believe that cleaning should be done with careful attention and that this will sometimes mean that you will need cleaning services that are customised. With this in mind we have other services available such as janitorial services that we can provide when they are needed. Cleaning done on an ad hoc basis when you need it most is also available.
The expert cleaners and supervisors at Country Wide Cleaning Services provide cleaning services to malls, shops, offices and even factories. The commercial cleaning can be all encompassing and involve the cleaning of your floors, walls, carpets and other areas that need careful attention. Using professional cleaning services for your commercial institution has the following three benefits:
1. The cleaning is done correctly and it is done in such a way that it meets set health standards, and with up to date machines and knowledge, expert cleaners know exactly what you need.
2. The professional cleaning company will take on all of the responsibility and they can be trusted to work on their own while you carry on with your work.
3. Expert cleaning companies will be able to provide you with a flexible cleaning option that will be suitable to your needs.
Domestic Cleaning
Country Wide Cleaning Services offers domestic cleaning services in the form of a spring clean as well as in the form of a weekly maid service. Your weekly maid cleaning services in Krugersdorp and your cleaning services in Fourways are monitored by Country Wide Cleaning Services which means that the service will be in the hands of our company rather than in your hands, giving you less stress. We source only the best, most experienced maids for our weekly cleaning services to guarantee that you get the best cleaning services. Maid services can be arrange for once a week or even 5 times a week, you will get the services when you need them most.
Most of us like to have a spring clean of our homes at least once a year to give the house a complete and attentive clean. Spring cleaning is going to clean out the clutter and dust of the year to give your home a fresh feel. Your home will be healthier as all of the allergen causing dust and even dangerous moulds will be removed during the clean. This is ideally done after the winter and we will happily customise your spring cleaning so that it suits your needs.
The domestic cleaning provided by Country Wide Cleaning Services is done with as little disruption as possible to family life. Contact us to find out more about our commercial cleaning in Fourways and our commercial cleaning in Krugersdorp as well as our commercial cleaning in other towns. We also have the domestic cleaning services for you. Country Wide Cleaning Services are specialists in window cleaning in Krugersdorp and high reach window cleaning in Fourways.

Pre and post occupational cleaning in Fourways

For real estate agencies, tenants and landlords, pre and post occupational cleaning is a popular option. It is common courtesy to leave the home you are moving out of clean and for landlords and real estate agencies, ensuring that the home you are about to rent out or sell is spotlessly clean will not only give you a good reputation but it will also be expected of you.
Once all of the furniture is moved out and before the new person or family moves in, pre and post occupational cleaning in Fourways and pre and post occupational cleaning in Noordheuwel, Krugersdorp should be done. When you are moving either into or out of a home you will be experiencing a lot of stress. Cleaning is usually going to be on your to do list but with all the rush and with everything that you need to remember it might be left until after you move in or it might be done in a hurry but not as thoroughly as it should be. Simply moving in without any worry about cleaning should be what every new tenant should expect.
At Country Wide Cleaning Services we take all cleaning seriously. When we are called in to do pre and post occupational cleaning we focus on giving every part of the home the most intense clean possible, ensuring that no area is left untouched. We clean with such passion that the home will look brand new, as if no one else has passed through the doors or lived in the space. Every inch of the house including cupboards, walls, carpets, tiles, every surface, the windows, the stoves or any other food cooking areas, the light fittings and other areas have to be brought up to a perfect almost new standard. We want to give each new home owner or tenant the best start to life in their new home.
We clean all types of homes, big and small, from residential flats to houses. Our team is equipped with the best equipment and with the most up to date knowledge with regards to cleaning methods. We do not use any dangerous chemicals, all of our cleaning products are environmentally friendly, to ensure your safety. Our machines will give your carpets a complete deep clean to remove any stains or marks made by the previous inhabitants and we also provide window cleaning for a variety of homes.
You can ask us about customising our pre and post occupational cleaning so that the areas which you would like to receive more cleaning will get the extra focus required. Your new living area will need to suit your requirements and you should have a stress free move so that you can relax and settle into your new home.
At Country Wide Cleaning Services we offer our range of clients a number of cleaning services. Window cleaning in Krugersdorp, high reach window cleaning in Fourways, carpet cleaning in Noordheuwel and upholstery cleaning in Krugersdorp are just a few of the professional services that we offer. We offer services throughout Gauteng and we are expanding our professional expertise across the country.

Flood and disaster restoration services

If your home has been the victim of flooding, you will want to ensure that the water and the damp is dried away as quickly as possible. Mould can grow quickly in damp conditions and bacteria can spread. Country Wide Cleaning Services offers clients a 7 day a week responsive service that is going to save you money as well as your home or business’ furniture and carpeting. Flooding doesn’t only include water damage, it will include debris floating in the water and often it will also include mud. The quicker you react to the damage, the less damage you will have to deal with.
We provide homes, businesses and a number of other institutions with flood and disaster restoration services. This enables insurance assessors and agents to assist with the restoration of homes and offices after flooding has occurred. But the disaster restoration services are not limited to flood damage, Country Wide Cleaning Services will also clean up fire damage and other damage caused by natural disasters. The cleaning up will reduce the amount that the insurance will have to pay out as a quick reaction will ensure that your home or business has the least possible damage. Debris will be removed and the home will be put back in order as quickly as possible. This will allow you to get your home back in order as soon as possible. In some cases your carpeting will need to be thrown away such as in the event of sewerage contaminating your carpet.
Sometimes flooding can happen without you knowing, such as while you are at work. If you come home to a water flooded home there are a few things that you can do to minimise the damage that the water is going to cause.
Here are some quick tips that you can use before calling in the professionals following flooding damage:
1. Turn off the electricity
2. Take appliances and pieces of furniture out of the way
3. Try to push some of the water out of the house
4. Try to find the source of the flooding. Burst pipes are a common cause
Contact a restorative company as soon as possible as sitting water is highly undesirable. Dangerous mould can grow and the damage caused by the water can be difficult to get fully rid of.
At Country Wide Cleaning Services we offer window cleaning services in Krugersdorp, house cleaning in Fourways, carpet cleaning in Noordheuwel and pre and post occupational cleaning in Fourways. We offer all clients the cleaning solution that they need and with our years of industry experience and our talented staff we ensure that your cleaning needs are met with high quality services. You can also view our Blog for cleaning tips and more.